The Big Freeze


The Birmingham Christmas Market during less icy times (2008)

You’d have to have been locked away in a windowless world to have missed the recent weather which we’ve been suffering with in the UK.

The snow hasn’t been too bad albeit that I’ve had to trudge everywhere (but free cardio and toning  is never to be sniffed at). The slipply patches weren’t even as bad as they had been in previous years, either that or I’ve got my walking like a penguin technique down to a  fine art. The real bummer(s) this year were…

a.) Just how bloomin’ cold it was – this meant the diesel tanks froze in the trains which I normally commute to work on, cue 3 1/2 hour commutes into work and near on temper tantrums (from me) regarding working from home

b.) I was super ill. Nice chesty cough, coupled with nearly passing out on said train one morning was really not much fun. I’m only just starting to feel better now and am still not up to full energy.

c.) Now this one is a bit of a double-edged sword, but the pesky snow meant that all of my pre-Christmas plans went out of the window. Total bummer as I missed seeing people and also it doesn’t truly feel like Christmas without a bit of socialising with a Gluhwein at the Frankfurt Market in Birmingham. But, on the plus side it did help me to save some money and so last month I only overspent by £9.50. Of course, this doesn’t include the UGGS which take me overspent by £219.49. Doesn’t sound too bad until you consider that I got paid early in December! Eeek! With that in mind perhaps the big freeze on the finances was much-needed! How did it affect you?


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