Just say no

Christmas – an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends; or a time to feel inadequate if you’re not flapping around like a sparkly social butterfly (and knackered if you are!). Discuss.

Seriously. Kirstie, Phil, Jamie and Nigella all show us how to throw the perfect party. Making us feel guilty for even considering a night in front of the TV in our PJs.

Even for a cave dweller like me the invites keep pouring in and I’ve had to be a bit strategic with the old party planning in terms of both attendance and organisation.

Ordinarily I organise a few chrimble get togethers. One with the girls and perhaps a family one for good measure. My obsessive Monica tendencies then kick in and before I know it I’ve bought half of Waitrose’s chilled section just to make sure I’ve got enough nibbles (not to mention one of those Glade Christmas candles to ensure the right ambience is achieved). It’s a drain on my money and time. Obviously I still love seeing my friends but this year it’s nice to spend quality time with them individually, it’s more cost-effective and spares me from that ‘why can Nigella do it and I can’t’ angst.

I was invited to three Christmas work parties. Yes, three! I’ve chosen to attend two of them. Some people think you’re being boring by not attending every office knees up. Frankly, I don’t care. I’d rather go for quality over quantity. And as I find it easier to say no to attending than I do to ‘just one more glass of wine’ it’s kinder on my liver and bank balance too.

Saying no can be difficult. You don’t want to feel you’re letting people down, you don’t want to miss out on the fun. But if you’re serious about saving… take a dash of no, add a twist of compromise and serve up a festive season of events you want to attend, instead of ones you feel you should. Serve with good friends and smile frequently. Enjoy!


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