Should I change my name?

With the way I’ve been spending recently you would be forgiven for thinking that Babe on an unlimited budget would be a better name for this blog. Whilst I started out with good intentions, drawing up a budget and ensuring I was saving some of my take home each month it kind of went by the way when temptations like UGG boots and tropical holidays came onto the scene.

And, with the wedding now less than a year away I really need to focus on saving more than ever. In principle it’s easy, I just need to: spend less and save more. Of course, principle is a fine thing, but it rarely works in practice. That said, there are certain measures which I’m already adhering to, that are helping me on my way to budget nirvana. I’ll talk you through these over the next week and perhaps they could work for you. Maybe I’ll even discover some other things to help to boost those funds for my forthcoming nuptials?!


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