Don’t price match – get it cheaper!

We experienced an interesting phenomenon when trying to book our honeymoon – the price-match!

When we went to Virgin and their prices were more expensive than the quote we’d received from Kuoni, we told them. We were told ‘if you can get a breakdown of costs from Kuoni showing how much you’re paying for each part of the trip we might be able to price-match it.’

Likewise, when we told an independent travel consultant we had booked elsewhere as her prices were more expensive she countered with ‘oh what a shame, if you had told me before you booked perhaps I could have price-matched it’.

What is this obsession with price-matching? So, I’m getting exactly the same thing through Kuoni for less money, but I should spend my precious time gathering paperwork and breakdown of costs to bring to you, not so you can do it cheaper, so you can do it at exactly the same price! Er, you’re alright thanks I’ll save time and money by going with the company who are already giving it to me at a decent price. Thanks though!


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