Searching for ‘the one’

Hollywood creates a lot of unrealistic myths, the act of purchasing a bridal gown being one of them.

In the movies glamorous girls step into sumptuously decorated bridal shops complete with comfortable sofas for shrieking bridesmaids and the obligatory tearful mother. There’s probably a gilded mirror or two and a dressing room bigger than my entire apartment. The champagne is flowing and the perfect dress is always found (usually a big billowy princess type affair).

In reality it’s a little more like this… Arrive at shop freezing cold, shop assistant turns the heating back on and puts on an electric fan heater ‘to give it an extra boost’. Potential dresses are selected and hung in line waiting to be tried on before being thrust over the bride-to-be’s head at a rate of knots. Meanwhile the bridal judging party of bridesmaid and mother of the bride perch atop kitchen chairs waiting to give their opinion. Emerging from the cubicle numerous times in various gowns, and, oh what’s that?! The assistant has just disappeared up my skirt to sort out the many layers! As she admittedly says: ‘you lose all your dignity when you’re looking for your wedding dress, it’s a bit like having a baby.’ ‘Not as painful I hope’, I counter. ‘Only financially’ quips bridesmaid. How true.

And so I leave the boutique admiring the sales assistant’s passion and talent (as well as selling branded wedding dresses she’s also a dressmaker who can make bridal, bridesmaid, mother of the bride and, well, any other outfits!) and with a possible contender for ‘the dress’, but I still feel the need to look around a bit more. For one, when else am I going to get to try on so many big (and slinky) white dresses? Secondly, I want to make sure I’m getting the absolute best out there. And, finally, I will continue on my search to find the holy Grail, a wedding dress shop which lives up to Hollywood standards.


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