Booked it, packed it…

It’s scary how easily you can spend almost £4,000 in just the click of a mouse. And that’s precisely what we did last night when we booked our honeymoon!


Yes, Mr & Mrs Babeonabudgetuk will be enjoying three nights in Singapore staying at the Pan Pacific, followed by seven nights in Langkawi (Malaysia) where our place of residence will be the gorgeous Tanjung Rhu.

Why those places? We hed originally been caught up in the romantic honeymoon idyll of The Maldives but as the parts we enjoyed most on our recent trip to Malaysia were the sight-seeing and exploring nature, we knew we’d be bored out of our minds somewhere where island and the resort are one and the same thing.

We enjoyed Kuala Lumpur and are intrigued to see what Singapore has in store for us. Malaysia is amazing (the people, the food, the nature) so what better place to journey to on our honeymoon than the beach capital of the country?

Whilst we’re both excited it has bought home to us how expensive this whole wedding and honeymoon malarkey is, and has really highlighted that we need to really refocus ourselves on saving as much as possible. Yes, we could make our big day cheaper, but at you only do it once, so if you can afford to do it as you want through saving and living on baked beans on toast for a year then that’ll do for me!


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