Forgive me bank manager for I have sinned

I know, I know. I was supposed to being good this month. I’m supposed to be setting a good example and showing how virtuous and important it is to be frugal. Not spending £209 on UGGs!

Unfortunately a combination of a wardrobe malfunction and a bit of pop-philosophy led to my moment of weakness.

Well, y’see. I used to love wearing my cowboy boots, but as I’ve had them for five years (not bad considering they were only che’p ‘uns from New Look) they’ve seen better days. Whilst I still love them; the soles are now lethal and only a couple of weeks ago I had a very undignified slipping over incident on my way back from Aldi which resulted in some exceedingly messy lemon meringue pies! I haven’t really felt safe in them since.


My cowboy boots in Paris in happier times

Other than that in my wardrobe I have ballet pumps (far too cold to wear at the moment), trainers (OK for when I’m having a lazy day but that’s about it), court shoes (fine for a job interview), extremely high sandals, wedges and shoe boots (they’ll be ‘taxi shoes’ for a glam night out then) and well, that’s about it. Due to my lack of winter footwear it actually reduces the outfits I can wear as I have nothing to go with my little dresses or skinny jeans which is either warm or practical.  I do have a pair of ‘worker style’ boots, so practical they may as well be Scholls. They’re ideal for getting me to work when there’s sheet ice on the ground, but when you’re going for a more stylish ensemble, well, they just look huge, chunky and darn right ugly!

Then comes the philosphy…’It’s better to regret the things you have done, than the things you haven’t.’…right? Yep, that old one, which is true, but also comes in useful when you want justification for doing something, well, a little bit naughty. In my defence I did go to Schuh a few days ago just to try said boots on, so that I could see if they fitted OK etc… That way, once I could afford them I knew I could snap them up straight away. If they weren’t the Cinderella fit it was back to the drawing board to find me a new winter boot. Schuh didn’t have any in my size in store. No, worse than that, Schuh didn’t have any in my size…anywhere in the UK (I didn’t ask…they told me). I’d already missed out on some White Stuff boots which I liked and got me thinking… what if I wait until I can afford them and they don’t have them anywhere… and then I can’t find a pair that match up their lofty heights… and I have to wear ballet pumps and worker boots for the rest of winter. This thought made me sad. So off I toddled to Bank and I purchased my ‘bootiful’ Bailey Button Triplet UGGs in my lunch break.

I don’t feel too guilty (or at least I’m pretending not to); I’m bound to get some money for Christmas which I can use to pay off the credit card bill. Yikes!


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