Budgeting for every little thing

spend_trackerBased on yesterday’s calculations I mow have £170.19 to spend over the next 20 days, working out at a respectable £8.51 per day.

Obviously there are going to be sonedays where I spend nothing (hopefully) and other days where I have plans and so dusting the Radley off is inevitable.

Therefore, if I can ensure I budget enough for the costs which I know are going to occur, then maybe I can avoid the dreaded too much month at the end of money syndrome…

Cosmetics: I know that by the time payday comes around I will need to have purchased:

Shampoo £5.00
Conditioner £5.00
Toner £2.50
Eye make up remover £2.50
Serum £5.00
Moisturiser £11.00
Body lotion: £5
Total: £36.00

More Christmas gifts: they can come out of my savings fund for gifts which I’ve built up throughout the year.

Wedding dress shopping: if I do find ‘the one’ the savings will get a hammering!

Putting the Christmas tree up: we’ve bought enough decorations that this should be a completely free of charge festive activity. However, I feel the need for a new chrimble songs CD having had the same one for the past 13 years! £20

Chrimble visit from a long-standing friend: when you’ve got a endless tea and six months gossip to catch up on you don’t really need to budget for entertainment.

Booking our honeymoon: That’ll be the savings raided, again!

Visit to the German Market in Birmingham: Need enough for the obligatory Gluhwein and some food to soak it up: £30.

Rellie visiting x 2: Again the tea and chatter rule stands so this should cost nothing.

Santa Run: Another freebie as I’ve already paid to enter. Not done much training though, eek!

Work Christmas meals x 2: The first is a supplier taking us out so food is free, might just need to budget a bit for drinks. The second is the main department Christmas meal where I’ve already paid for my food, so again, just need some funds for drinkypoos! £20?

If my calculations are indeed correct and nothing else crops up between now and the 20th night of December, I should be able to mange on: £106. But is that going to be the case?


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