Keeping a spend diary

I have £255.04 to last me from this payday (26th November) to the next (21st December). That’s just over £250 to spend on whatever I want – clothes, lunches, coffee… It’s a little more than £10 a day to use to purchase glorious things just for me. That’s easy, right? £255 (and the all important 4p) should easily last me until mid-December and enable me to have some fun along the way, maybe there’ll even some funds left over at the end?!

Hmm, if you believe that you truly have no idea of how capable I am at spending my money on absolute cr*p. So I’ve decided to keep a spend diary, which entails…

1.) Keeping a notepad & pen with me at all times
2.) Noting down every single purchase made with this months ‘kitty

I’m hoping this will have two affects..

1.) Highlighting where all my money is going/wasted, so I can address this
2.) Ensuring I make a more active choice of whether I need to spend or not. (It’s amazing how knowing you have to write details of your spends down can guilt trip you into spending less.)

At present it looks something like this:

Available funds: £255.04

Friday 26th November (payday)
Extra Christmas gift for my sister: £4.99 (Boots)
Lunch & more Christmas gifts: £12.00 (M&S)
Yet more Christmas gifts & wrap: £8.05 (WH Smith)
Lipstick, nail polish, eyeshadow: £8.18 (Boots)

Daily total spent: £33.22
Funds available: £221.82

Saturday 27th November
Grande gingerbread latte with whip and slice of caramel & pecan cheesecake (for sis visiting from Bristol), Tall Eggnog latte and chocolate and hazelnut latte (for me): £10.20 (Starbucks)
Pasta, wine and tip: £17.00 (Pizza Express)
A warming cuppa as my sister’s train was delayed by 40 minutes: £1.79 (random train station cafe)
Glamour magazine (with free Nails Inc nail polish!) and Fruit Pastilles: £2.70 (train station newsagent)

Daily total spent: £31.69
Funds available: £190.30

Sunday 28th November
Sanitary products: £0.85 (Wilko)

Daily total spent: £0.85
Funds available: £182.28

Monday 29th November
Dry shampoo and sanitary products: £12.09 (Boots)

Daily total spent: £12.09
Funds available: £170.19

That’s £58.45 spent in just four days! This could prove an interesting experiment.


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