Getting back on track

There was a certain irony when I first started creating this post, as I was sat on the train on my way back from work (track – geddit?). However, WordPress went screwy and now it looks as though the jokes on me with me having to rework my musings. Ho hum.

Anyway – gripe about technology over – over the past couple of days I have realised I have a problem. Oh yes, my name is Babe on a Budget and I readily spend more than I earn. Now is not the time to bury my head in the sand, now is the time for action (methinks Sir Winston would have been proud of that one, well maybe if he was a spendaholic like me anyway!).

And, so, I find myself revisiting my budget spreadsheet (as I do every month) and December is going to look a little like this…

Contact Lenses: £11.30
Joint Account for bills: £781.85 (to cover mortgage, bills, groceries etc…)
Mobile: £39.00
Train Fare: £54.00
Savings: £0.00 (tut, tut!)
Egg Card Fee: £1.00
Kitty: £255.04
Pay off last months overspend: £270.58 (*wince*)

Thing is, I did my budget spreadsheet for November too and still managed to overspend (as you’ll see from above) so I need to find a way of keeping myself on the straight and narrow. Thinking caps at the ready!


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