You would think having an impending appointment to pick the meringue* of my dreams would be enough to focus me on saving (especially given the current contender for the big day dress comes in at over £1000!). You’d be wrong.

I’d love to say I’m not sure where it’s gone wrong. But, quite simply, I’d be lying.

Pret coffee – they opened a new branch in Solihull and the temptation was too much;

Starbucks coffee – the Eggnog latte is back so I had to have, er, several!;

buying lunch instead of taking in my sarnies – but I’m so bored of bread right now;

a selection of beautiful Christmas decorations – well, they were gorgeous and I deserve to treat myself;

several Christmas editions of magazines – they’re so inspirational at this time of year…

The full list of items I’ve purchased is as never-ending as the list of excuses I’ve used to justify buying them.

Thank goodness I’d stashed some cash for Chrimble gifts otherwise I really would be wondering if I was morphing into Rebecca Brandon (nee Bloomwood) of Shopaholic fame!

Now I find myself not able to put anything into our savings account for the wedding and more pressingly craving these gorgeous UGG boots and knowing the only way I can get my hands on them is to take out a 0% on purchases credit card or speak to Santa very nicely indeed. Sooo not good!


Bailey triplet Ugg bootsAll I want for Christmas is yoooooou!


*Wedding dress


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