BOAB Recommends Poorly Pop

On a slightly less inspirational note I’ve been struck down with the lurg since coming back from Malaysia. In fact I’ll have had it a week tomorrow – happy lurgiversary!

Don’t worry I’ve been to the doctors it’s definitely UK lurg, nothing I’ve picked up on my travels. Most of my friends seem to have been struck down with it too (big get well hugs to them). I’m feeling a little better today. I’m still a giant snotball with a hacking cough but at least I have some energy and clarity of thought. That said, getting through work has been difficult, especially the afternoons where I’d much rather be curled up napping than proofreading web pages!

So Thank goodness (or rather Mr Marks and Sir Spencer) for this marvellous fizzy orange energy drink. Punchy orange fizz to rid your mouth of that manly ‘just chewed rat droppings mixed with sawdust’ taste you get when you’re under the weather. Plus, lots of energy boosting goodies to keep me going. Result. And all for a mere pound! Me like!


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