Out of office

While a week off work is good for the soul; it does tend to mean the bank balance gets a battering. One of the upsides to being Botox-wrinkle-inducing stressed at work means that you have no time (must get to the office early so no time for a sneaky en-route Starbucks…a lunch break? Remind me again what that is?!?) and no energy to shop.

Here’s what I got up to on my budget breaking week off…

Day 1 – a trip to the quaint village of Kinver with Love of my Life to peruse the shops and soak up some UV


Kicking back on the edge

Cost – diesel getting there (although to be fair LomL pays for that); a birthday present for my Nan (kind of essential); lunch; & tea and cake at the Rock Houses.

Day 2 – Watching professional footballers (and perving at Robbie Williams) at SoccerAid, Old Trafford


Fit men, no really, they were very athletic

Cost – tickets; diesel; bag of sweets (surely mandatory for any car journey of over 50 miles); parking x2 (we couldn’t get to the car park we’d pre-paid for before kick off so ended up ditching the car in another car park hence paying twice!); half-time drinks; dirty chips at the end of the match.

Day 3 – Shopping trip to Merry Hill

Cost: diesel; lunch courtesy of Wetherspoons.

Day 4 – Holiday jabs & some tea & sympathy from my mom

Cost: nada!

Day 5 – A trip to Travelbag to pay for our holiday

Cost: diesel; parking; a coffee in the John Lewis cafe (we desperately needed the caffeine!); a whole lot of wonga paying for the holiday of a lifetime, M&S trousers for holiday (practical and only £12, unlike most other things in my wardrobe!); lunch (again courtesy of Mr John Lewis); a box and a scrapbook for our wedding stuff (bit of a splurge but was one of those where you know you’re going to regret it if you don’t get it)…

…oh & then some internet shopping when I got back… a new handbag (my old one was falling apart) & a Race For Life top for when I take part next month.

Wedding box

The gorgeous (but not essential) 'wedding box'

Day 6 – a day trip to Evesham and Pershore


Pretty Pershore

Cost: diesel; burnt teacake and coffee; two books from a charity shop for holiday; a couple of birthday presents for my mom; a birthday card for my nan, a sumptuous hot chocolate on the way home & fish and chips for tea.

Day 7 – Love of my life’s holiday jabs & chilling

Cost: zilch

Day 8 – Girls day out to Birmingham with my best bud, mooching around the shops, lunching & watching Carrie et al paint Abu Dhabi a suitable shade of scarlet in SATC2


If they're good enough for Carrie, they're good enough for me

Cost: bottle of water; yummy noodles for lunch swilled down with a glass of rose; cinema tickets; another glass of rose and a delicious cupcake (I defy anyone who spies a cupcake en-route to a screening of SATC2 to resist!)

Day 9 – Back to Merry Hill

Cost: A scrummy Starbucks (what?! we hadn’t had one all week!)

Now I’ve got just over £30 budgeted to last me until the 26th and a fairly packed social calendar; it’s not going to happen! Oh dear.

NB. I’ve purposefully not included money spent on groceries, as although we did treat ourselves to some luxuries (chocolate fudge pudding with creme fraiche and strawberries anyone?) we still have to eat regardless of whether we’re at work or not.

chocolate fudge cake

Pudding splurge


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