Babe on a budget MIA

Apologies for the long absence. I enjoyed a week off work last week and, as work has been so stressful of late, I reverted to my childlike holiday state of staying up late and not doing my homework!

Before I broke up for my week of being a lady of leisure work had become a nightmare. We have a new boss and while I’m used to new bosses expecting the world, this one wants the world, the heavens (probably of all religious denominations to ensure the dignity at work policy is adhered to), the moon and while we’re there why don’t we give the satellites and random pieces of space junk a polish too!

Pre big bad boss days, my usual routine would be to get back from work and switch on the laptop to do a bit of writing/blogging/replying to emails/catching up with celeb gossip/coveting goods I can’t afford (particularly Coast dresses). But since everything has become high priority at the office the laptop has been turned on at home in order for me to continue with work, or at least try and stay on top of my never ending inbox!

In some respects I know I shouldn’t complain. With the country still in a delicate state of post-recession recovery I’m lucky to have a job. But (isn’t there always a but?) I have no desire to move up the career ladder (well not in my current place of work anyway) and there are other, more creative, avenues which I’d like to persue, but don’t have time to whilst I’m married to my work as it stands at the moment. Plus I work bloomin hard when I’m at work, they get more than their moneysworth out of me, so by taking work home I am actually being an (albeit concienscious) mug and taking on more work when really I should be saying no!

I’m on the train to work at the moment, will anything have changed when I get there? Will I be brave enough to stand up for myself and say no? Literally watch this space! If I’m back blogging you know the work/life balance has been restored, if you don’t hear from me I’m probably drowning under a pile of proofreading and logging on from home to check my emails, in which case you have permission to slap me across the knuckles and remind me of what’s important to me!

Work related rant over…for now at least! xx


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