Savings Plan#3: Rainy Day/Future Fund

I turn 30 next week. The transition into the next decade doesn’t really worry me. In fact, judging from what I read in the glossies, being trente ans is actually pretty darn good. No more trying to please others, more confidence, feeling comfortable in your own skin, etc.. etc… Well, either that or it’s the period in everyone’s lives when they’re at their most delusional?

For me, it’s when I think back to when I was younger that makes me panic. I realise I haven’t achieved half of the things I thought I was going to have done by this age. When you’re young 30 sounds sooo old. I thought I’d be married with kids. OK I’m on my way to that, but I’m not there yet, but perhaps I’m actually quite pleased I’m not. hardly any of my friends are hitched or sprogged up yet either so it’s not as though I feel left out. Society doesn’t expect you to be settled by, well any age now. The expectations have altered which makes life more fun and unpredictable. Speaking of which when I was younger I never envisioned that I’d have got a degree and be working as a professional marketer, so it just goes to show you never know what the future holds.

That said, it doesn’t stop the ‘five year’ plan from rearing it’s (ugly?) head. I don’t think men have these but then , why would they? There’s no expiry date on their baby making equipment! And, so while I try to be quite Carpe Diem about life, there’s also a certain sense of planning and with that comes it’s best bud… saving! So while I’m buying the latest throwaway fashion I’m also thinking…

  • I have no rainy day fund! What if it all goes wrong? I have redundancy and critical illness cover for the mortgage, but having no long-term savings means I’m stuck with a potentially dead-end job and can’t afford to take as many risks as I’d like.
  • How am I going to afford babies? I’ll want some sprogs fairly soon afer the wedding and would love to be a stay at home mom, even if just for a short time, but I just don’t know how we’d pay the mortgage?
  • Forever means forever, and I really hope that is the case but as Mark Owen’s wife discovered (who would have thought it?) that’s not always the case. I love and trust love of my life completely but not having any independence or back up plan is scary. Plus, I think it’s healthier for the relationship if you’re together out of choice and not out of financial necessity.
  • Retirement – The way things are going it looks as though the Government will have my generation working until we’re approximately 97. I do have a company pension (for what it’s worth) but as a late comer to savings I really think I need to stash the cash so I don’t panic as the grey hairs start sprouting.

On the plus side, 30 on Wednesday and not a single grey hair in site – woo hoo!

World's Best 30 Year Old


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