Savings Plan #2: A beautiful wedding

The story of me and love of my life goes a little like this…

I was working part-time at a menswear store, when I met him. We worked together for about three years, while I was at uni. We  always got along, but at the same time didn’t have that much to do with each other as we were both quite shy. I was in another relationship then anyway, but that’s not to say that I didn’t have a bit of a thang for love of my life. Every Sunday I would work alongside him and, without doubt, have to request him to reset the password on the weird bar code reader thing which we used to do a mini stock count. I may have since owned up to some perving occurring during these regular password resets (wonder if my subconscious was making me get the password wrong?! Who knows!).

In 2001 I headed off to the bright lights of London, leaving behind my part-time job for a full-time Bridget Jones style role at a publishing house. The only time I really spoke to love of my life was when I called the store seeing if they had any positions for my step-sister who was looking for a part-time job . It wasn’t until 2005 when following my annus horribilis I moved back to the Midlands and was at a birthday party at a particularly dubious local nightclub when I spotted love of my life. I was now single, and well, he looked gorgeous so I marched over to him, patted him on the shoulder and uttered the four words which kick-started our relationship….

“Don’t say hello then.”

Thereby followed five years of happiness, four of those, not as love of my life’s meer girlfriend, oh no, but as his fiance! Many wedding magazines have been purchased during our engagement, but we could never afford the big day as saving for the love nest took precedence. Now we’ve got our own little branch on the property tree, it’s time to start thinking about becoming Mrs love of my life and so last year after viewing a number of venues we booked the Blakelands Country House for October 2011! Plenty of time to get saving…although have you seen how much meringue dresses, flowers and chair covers with matching sashes cost? Make way for bridezilla on a budget!

Wedding Fayre

Chair covers, flower arrangements and table plans are soon to become a key feature in our lives!


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