Wardrobe Malfunction

And this is one of the reasons why I’m having to spend/waste so much money. EWS. That’s Empty Wardrobe Syndrome. OK so when most girls say they have nothing to wear the exact opposite is normally true; they have plenty to keep them warm, decent and protected from the elements, just nothing they want to wear. However, I seem to have developed a wardrobe full of bedraggled clothes complete with raggedy holes and stains that refuse to budge no matter how much Vanish I douse them with. The latest victim to fall foul of my wardrobe anarchy was my favourite work staple – my black pencil skirt.

So you see I’m not being frivolous my malfunctioning wardrobe is making me buy clothes!!!

the skirt
To be fair it looks fine from the front, but a holey, flashy pantie skirt probably isn’t the most professional look when you work in Financial Services!

Holey skirt
Hmm…I’m not nimble enough at sewing to fix that & I guess it was only a cheapy from New Look, which, to be fair, has lasted about 4-years!

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