What’s a girl to do? All the glossies are full of glorious Dior, sumptuous Gucci and fabulous Miu Miu; meanwhile my purse is full of coppers (and maybe a bit of fluff)!

The culinary heart of our love nest, the kitchen

The culinary heart of our love nest, the kitchen - now full of a few more pots & pans and lots & lots of chocolate!

I originally set up a blog on (whispers) blogger when I was desperately saving for a deposit for a love nest for me and love of my life. Well, we’ve now got our little love nest and a stonkingly huge mortgage to boot!

I’ll admit I fell out of love with my previous blog, sob! At first I didn’t see that I needed to save any more. We’d got a place to call home, right?! Even when I did try to resurrect the blog it just wasn’t pretty enough and, well, I like pretty things…that’s half of my money-saving problem!

So the blog has been brought back to life. It’s (hopefully) prettier and will follow me as I try as a I try to fund the things in life which unfortunately are not free.  Keep checking back for tips, tricks and tantrums.


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